Membership Pricing

New Members

You can purchase a monthly or annual membership:

  • Monthly: $69 for the first month, during which you can download as many of our products as you like; plus a $9 renewal charges for every month of continued access
  • Annual: $99 for the entire year and $99 upon renewal each following year

The initial charge for the monthly plan is a one-time fee and you can cancel at any time. The fee for the annual plan is paid up front and these subscriptions are set to auto-renew, but you can set this to cancel at the end of the year by cancelling in the billing portal or contacting our accounts department -

Once you cancel a monthly membership, you have 2 months to renew for the monthly charge of $9. After 2 months, you will need to pay the $69 sign up fee again to renew.

If you decide to cancel you will not lose anything that you have already downloaded - this is yours to keep. However, you won't have access to any future themes/widgets that are released, or any updates* to existing widgets.

Old Members

If you already have a membership with MuseThemes, you will stick with your original rate for as long as you continue to renew. This will never change - our way of saying thank you for your support!