Photo Filter

Simplify your workflow by adding image filters directly in Muse. This simple widget applies filters such as blur, sepia, grayscale, and more - without having to prep your images in photo editing software before bringing them into Muse.

We've also built in control over states, meaning that different filters can be used for different states such as normal and rollover states. Timing control over transition and delay time round out the customization options.

  • Widget Compatibility: Highly Compatible (No known issues when combining with other MuseThemes widgets)
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone


  • Drag the widget from the library and drop into your project in Design mode. The widget can be placed anywhere you like. Feel free to place it off-canvas to keep it out of the way.
  • Place the image in Muse that you would like to apply the filter to. This widget can be used on placed images as well as Muse elements like rectangles and state buttons.
  • Apply a graphic style to the image or Muse element. Define the graphic style in the widget option panel.
  • Select filters for the Normal State and Rollover State sections.
  • Set transition time, delay time, and easing in the Transitions section.
  • You may use as many Photo Filter widgets as you like in a page.

Commonly Asked Questions

I only see a transition on page load. Why?

Transitions can only be applied when an image is going from no filter to a filter. Transitions do not work with filters used on both the normal and rollover state.

Why isn't Photo Filter working in Internet Explorer?

CSS transitions are unfortunately not supported in Internet Explorer.

Known Issues/Conflicts

Photo Filter does not work in Internet Explorer, as CSS filters are not supported by IE.

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