Downloading Widgets

Downloading as a Member

If you are an active member of MuseThemes, simply:

  • Login with your the email and password tied to your active account
  • Navigate to the individual widget page you are interested in
  • Scroll down and you will see a button labeled “Download”
  • Click this, and a zip file will download shortly containing all of the assets needed for that individual widget

You may have more than one account setup with MuseThemes, but only one account will be tied to your active subscription. This is the one you should login and download with.

Bundle Download as a Member

Below the “Download” button you will also see a link labeled “Bundle Download” and clicking this gives you the entire widget library.

Downloading as a non-Member

If you are not a MuseThemes member (you haven't paid for unlimited downloads), you can purchase single templates; simply:

  • Login to your basic account or choose to create an account later,
  • Navigate to the individual template page you are interested in
  • Scroll down and you will see a button labeled “Buy Now - Single Theme"
  • Checkout or continue shopping
  • If you are not yet logged in you will be asked to enter your email address, as well as your billing details

Known Issues

  1. You click the "Download" button, but nothing happens

This is rare, but happens from time to time. If clicking the download button does not initiate download, send our accounts team an email. They can manually set up a new active account under a different email address, which generally fixes the issue.