Stacks are an innovative new system allowing for easy modular website design. Every Stack includes several headers, navs, content areas, and footers.

Components from separate Stacks can be mixed and matched and arranged in any order you like. Site layouts come together in just minutes with this building block approach!

  • Compatibility: Muse 2015.1 and newer
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone


  • To work with Stacks in Muse, you will need two things:
    • Base File: This file will be titled "Stacks - Base File.muse" (included in download)
    • Stacks File: This file will be titled " - MT - Stacks - Stack Name.mulib" (included in download)
  • Start by opening the base file. We use a base file because the Stack components are configured with specific breakpoints. If you would like to add Stacks components to an existing project, as long as the breakpoints are the same as what is used in the base file, this should work fine.
  • Open the Stacks .mulib file. This is a Muse Library file, and when you open it or import it into Muse, it will appear in your Library panel, much like a MuseThemes widget.
  • When you open the Stacks folder in your Library, you will see a list of all the Stacks components. Clicking once on each component will show a small library preview in the same panel. For an actual image preview of each included Stack component, see the folder in the download labeled "Preview Images". This folder contains detailed images of every Stacks component.
  • Every Stacks product is a little different. They include headers, navigation areas, content areas, and footers. Some Stacks may contain more of one category than what you find in another Stack.
  • Using Stacks is easy. Simply drag a Stacks component from your Library panel and drop it into your project. Drop as many as you like. Stack components from multiple Stacks products can be mixed and matched. Every component is already optimized for every breakpoint.
  • Replace images and text with your own content as you see fit, and you're good to go!

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