Automatic Redirect

Automatically send visitors to another page on your website (or an external site) with this redirect widget. This allows you to quickly funnel visitors to important pages on your site, while controlling timing. Your visitors can be instantly forwarded or delayed for a set number of seconds.

  • Widget Compatibility: Highly Compatible (No known issues when combining with other MuseThemes widgets)
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Release Log

  • 1.1: Increases maximum allowed redirect time (05/30/2016)
  • 1.0: Adds collapsible panel functionality and support for responsive Muse


  • Drag the widget from the library and drop into your project in Design mode.
  • Place the widget anywhere you like in Design mode. We suggest placing it out of the way off canvas.
  • In the "Redirect To" field, enter the URL you would like to redirect visitors to.
  • In the "Redirect After" field, enter the amount of time you would like to delay before redirecting.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Known Issues/Conflicts

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