Google Calendar

Display a functional, interactive calendar on your site with our Google Calendar widget. This widget gives your site visitors access to events on your calendar, allowing quick and easy syncing to their own Google Calendar. Display the format of your choice: month, week, or day. Control the look of your Google Calendar by using custom fonts, colors, and scrolling options.

Note: Due to Google's public privacy settings, this widget will not work with Google business accounts.

  • Widget Compatibility: Highly Compatible (No known issues when combining with other MuseThemes widgets)
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Release Log

  • 1.4: Updated API key to improve communication link to Google's servers. Fixes issue of calendars displaying blank (04/20/2018)
  • 1.3: Improves loading stability across web browsers (02/01/2018)
  • 1.2: Added language support, fixed loading and performance issues (09/28/2017)
  • 1.1: Optimized performance in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers (01/19/2017)
  • 1.0: Adds collapsible panel functionality and support for responsive Muse
  • L11.4: Added 12/24 hour option and time zone handling features (01/26/2016)
  • L11.3: Improved handling of time zones (01/07/2016)


  • Drag the widget from the library and drop into your project in Design mode.
  • This widget displays a calendar linked to a google account. Enter your Google Calendar ID. This is usually your Google email address associated with the calendar.
  • Use the Display Settings section to control time zone, time format, and what buttons will be seen in the calendar when published. Note that while there are options for month, week, and day views on the published version, you may set the default view in the widget settings.
  • The header and calendar areas can utilize separate fonts. The Header Styling gives control of the header font and styling.
  • The Calendar Styling section controls the font used in the calendar area, as well as all color options for calendar text, backgrounds, and more.

The calendar settings in your Google account are very important. Please be sure to regularly check your visibiility and privacy settings as you add and update events

Commonly Asked Questions

No commonly asked questions

Known Issues/Conflicts

Some users have experienced issues with the time zones that are displayed in their calendars. While this seems to affect only some users, there is a known issue that is yet to be addressed by Google with their Calendar app. This issue causes viewers of a published calendar to see the time zone set to GMT 00 when they're not currently signed into Google. It is reported that this happens because Google can't see their time zone settings when they're not logged in, and "guesses" at their time zone. The settings made in the Calendar app are supposed to override this. Read more here:!topic/calendar/iqPNW2G6hl8

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