Product Preview Slider

This simple widget is a great tool for displaying any product with variations like color or style. Simply drop the widget onto your product page, and load the widget full of your product images. This diminutive slider offers the ability to display sale pricing on individual variations, as well as link products to another page or site.

  • Compatibility: Muse 2018.1
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Release Log

  • 1.0: Initial Release



  • Drop the Product Preview Slider widget onto your page. Place the widget where you would like the slider to appear.
  • The size of the widget container determines the size of the slideshow. Size the widget container to the size you would like the slideshow to appear on your site.


  • Enable Product Description: This enables/disables all of the text at the bottom of the slider.
  • Product Name: This is the name text that appears below the product slider. Note that this slider is intended to show variants of a single product. Also, keep in mind that if you use responsive resizing on this widget (using the native resize option in the Muse top menu), that as the widget width is reduced, the area available for product name and price will be reduced at narrower widths. Use of shorter product names, or utilizing smaller font sizes is advisable if space is a concern.
  • Product Price: This sets the number value in the product description. You may use any dollar symbol you like with the price. Note that this is simply text, and not linked to any ecommerce system.

You may use sale pricing on any variant you like. This option can be found in the individual image sections.

  • Product Link: You may link the product to another page. Note that each image in the slider will have the same link applied. Links used here need to be complete links to a published page. So if you're linking to another page on your own site, use the full URL.
  • Link Target: This determines whether the linked page opens in a new window or the same window.

There are 8 image sections available for the slider. Each section is identical.

  • Image: Use this to add your product images. Ideally, your product images should be prepared uniformly for a consistent visual experience as the user adances through the slideshow. When an image is loaded in the widget option panel, that enables that particular slide.
  • On Sale: Enable this option if you wish for a particular variant to have special pricing that's different than others in the slider. This option is available for all images.
  • Sale Price: Enter the special price. Note this option is available only when "On Sale" is enabled.

There are extensive styling options available, offering styling control of slider elements like container colors, text styling, and more. The options contained in these sections are labeled with their exact function, and will not be discussed individually as they are self explanatory.

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