Scroll Progress Bar

The Scroll Progress Bar displays a persistent progress bar as you scroll on any page. Giving instant feedback on page position, this widget adds the perfect page feature for recipes, how-to's, instructional sites, articles and more.

  • Widget Compatibility: Highly Compatible (No known issues when combining with other MuseThemes widgets)
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Release Log

  • 1.0: Initial build


  • Drag the widget from the library and drop into your project in Design mode.
  • Place the widget out of the way, off canvas.
  • The widget is functional the moment you drop it into your project. Preview your page in browser to see the default style settings.
  • Open the widget option panel. All the options here are styling options. The styling options are labeled with their function and will not be discussed in detail here.
  • Progress Bar Z-Index: This advanced setting provides control of the visibility of the progress bar, in relation to other elements on your page. Z-Index in web design is a value of an element's stack order. This is equivalent to an element's layer, in Muse terms. In most cases, users will want the progress bar on the very topmost layer (using the 999 default), so that it shows up on top of other page elements. However, if you really need the progress bar to be underneath something, like a logo or nav button, you can adjust the Z-Index of the progress bar. Lower Z-Index number values represent lower layer levels. If you have 20 elements on a page, your topmost level will be 20. So the goal will be to find just the right z-index in your particular case. Also, Muse generates new Z-Index values as new elements are added to the page. So if you want to use the Z-Index setting, we suggest making the adjustments when a page is finished, and no more elements are going to be added. Also, we suggest starting on the lower end of the scale (zero) and moving up until you reach the level you want.

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