Video Essentials

Our Video Essentials widget is as simple and bulletproof as a video widget can get. Like the other widgets in our Essentials Series, this widget provides a key functionality that's at home in beginner websites and advanced builds alike.

Video Essentials supports YouTube, Vimeo, local and external videos. Just place the widget where you like, and size it as needed. For a full width player, simply stretch it to browser width.

For those looking for a powerful full-featured video widget capable of galleries, background video and more, check out our SHOW Responsive Gallery widget.

  • Widget Compatibility: Highly Compatible (No known issues when combining with other MuseThemes widgets)
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Supported Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Release Log

  • 1.1: Optimized for better performance in Internet Explorer
  • 1.0: Initial Release


  • Drag the widget from the library and drop into your project in Design mode.
  • Place the widget where you would like the video player to appear.
  • Size the widget container as you like. For a full width video player, stretch the widget to full browser width using the Resize dropdown in Muse Design mode.
  • Open the widget option panel.
  • Select a Video Source. YouTube, Vimeo, local and external videos are supported.
  • Local Video Setup: This mode is for videos that are stored on your computer locally. Load .mp4 and .webm versions of your video, along with a poster image.
  • External Video Setup: This mode streams video from video hosted on the web. Simply paste the web address of an .mp4 or .webm file, along with a page poster image link. Like our other video and audio widgets, it's important to make sure that the URL's you use end in the file name (.mp4, .webm, etc.), otherwise they will not be recognized.
  • YouTube and Vimeo Video Setup: For both YouTube and Vimeo videos, simply paste the URL of the video. No need to copy a key or ID.

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